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Why Choose CLEARVIEW as Your Training Partner?

Neil Dempster will wow your audience!If you have a need for high-impact management and leadership development training or training to help your employees achive peak performance, we can help! There are at least four great reasons why Clearview Performance Systems would be a perfect fit as your trusted training and implementation partner:

Reason #1

Our results! Return on investment is one of the primary reasons our clients continue to rave about the impact of our training. Many organizations report that graduates from our programs are able to immediately implement strategies that deliver bottom-line results—many orders of magnitude larger than the original cost of the training. Is that a good ROI? No, that's a great ROI!


There must be a reason why many of our clients have standardized on the Clearview performance philosophy and methodology to help them build and sustain a culture of commitment and peak performance—many of them for over a dozen years!

Reason #2

Our experience! The diversity of our clients is a testament to the broad experience and understanding we have of human performance issues. We have delivered training programs for private and public sector organizations both large and not-so-large; we have implemented performance improving strategies within high-tech and low-tech industries; and we have been credited for unparalleled results in both unionized and non-unionized work environments. What that provides you is assurance that we have addressed workplace performance issues from many angles—and that experience is what you need in a trusted training partner.


In addition, all training is delivered by our master trainer and keynote speaker, Neil Dempster. He is a student of the behavioral components of success—how to achieve peak performance in a changing world. His energetic, humorous, and highly motivational delivery style consistently inspires audiences to explore all the possibilities of personal and professional growth.

Reason #3

Our customization! Most training companies use the "shrink-wrapped, off-the-shelf" mass production approach to training that means you end up with vanilla programs that are frequently eons out-of-date (because they had 10,000 manuals printed, and they haven't used them all up yet!).


Our philosophy is to print on-demand which allows us to incorporate current research, leading-edge ideas and relevant information into each training program. Because the workplace changes so quickly we are always looking for ways to improve the connection between what occurs in the classroom and the ability to apply key learnings. This means our programs are continually being improved to accommodate the training needs of our clients and the learning needs of the participants.

Reason #4

Our business model! We have chosen a business model that is unique (and almost unheard of !) in the training business—we only work with one market leader in any particular industry and/or geographic region. This means we will not be working with your competition! Why? Well, if you think about it, if we give both you AND your direct competition tools, techniques and strategies that provide a competitive advantage then the net gain is zero—and that's not what a solid training partnership should do for you! We want YOU to be enjoying the competitive advantage while your competition are left wondering, "What happened?"


We also feel that this type of model builds trust because you don't have to worry about confidentiality. In essence, you can be comfortable sharing future plans, internal challenges, competitive data and other valuable information with us to allow us to perform better for you.

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Neil Dempster's biography is listed below. Take a look at his keynote presentations video clips to get a glimpse of his delivery style.


Neil Dempster, MBA, CSP (& PhD soon!)

Behavioral Engineer, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Author and RESULTant™ (a consultant who gets results!)


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