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Embedding Safety Into Your Organization's DNA

Neil Dempster will wow your audience!No task or accomplishment can be considered successful if every worker doesn't return safely home after every shift. However, many organizations find that accidents still occur even after setting clear expectations about safety practices and providing the training, tools and resources to prevent or minimize errors.


Do we simply resign ourselves to the fact that "accidents will happen"?



Because adding more rules and policies whenever an incident occurs has proven to have a detrimental impact on attitude—one of the key ingredients in the safety mindset—we must take a different route. This workshop focuses on the ingredients that will help each attendee create a culture where safety isn't just FOLLOWING the rules ... it's LIVING the rules!

Target Audience

Being safe is no longer an OPTION of the job ... it's a FUNCTION of the job. That means everyone in the operation is involved, so access to this workshop should not be limited to just safety-related personnel. This 'expanded' target audience should include:

  • Front-line field supervisors and middle managers
  • Safety directors
  • Operations managers
  • Process managers
  • Work performance representatives
  • HR and training department representatives

Key Learning Objectives

Learning objectives specify the new knowledge, skills/abilities and attitudes that a learner should have assimilated during a learning experience. Although the actual competencies incorporated in this workshop will be determined during the initial needs assessment with your organization, here are the foundational learning objectives for this workshop.

  • Understand why change initiatives frequently fail to deliver anticipated results
  • Who is responsible for safety?
  • Commitment versus compliance as it pertains to safety practices
  • Creating an expectation of safety
  • Reinforcement techniques to encourage safety-embracing behaviors


Adult learning principles are utilized to encourage direct participation and interaction, unleash creativity, open minds to possibility-thinking—and maximize the learning. This workshop includes:

  • Multi-media presentations (e.g., projected slides, short video segments, etc.) to introduce topics and provide key foundational information
  • Experiential learning exercises to allow participants to make an intellectual and emotional connection to the need for safety
  • Stimulating and interactive discussions to share thoughts, ideas and experiences
  • Individual and small-group breakout sessions
  • An implementation timeline and summary exercise (includes facilitated discussion of potential obstacles to implementation)


This one-day workshop includes over 7 hours of instructional material and is delivered in-house only (no public offerings). The maximum class size is limited to 32 participants.

Customization Options

  • This workshop can be customized to accommodate your organization's specific training curricula, business/industry terminology and can be tailored to build upon previous training programs.
  • A unique customization option for this workshop is embedding short video interviews with your senior leadership team into the program to enhance the learning and reinforce the importance of the message. Interviews can be pre-scripted or free-form and focus on the leader's view of the importance of safety.
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