Looking for an EXPERT Who Knows How to INSPIRE?

Neil Dempster's specialty is building higher performing organizations and cultures of commitment. He has delivered over 1,000 presentations to diverse audiences worldwide and would love to help make your next leadership retreat, management conference, all-employee meeting, or association convention a HUGE success!

Keynote speaker based in Scottsdale/Phoenix, Arizona.

Why Choose Neil Dempster as Your Keynote Presenter?


There are at least four (and 1/2) good reasons why Neil Dempster will be perfect as the keynote speaker for your next event.

Speech Topics and Focus Areas


Neil's most requested speeches as well as information on target audiences, topic areas, and available formats. Video clips from each speech make it easy to see how Neil customizes his material for the audience size and demographic.

Neil Dempster Video Clips


Video segments from five different keynote speeches delivered to small and large audiences (90 to 1,100 people). Caution! This video contains material known to cause people to suddenly become inspired to greatness. Viewer discretion is advised!

Speaker One-Sheet (PDF)


A handy one-page reference to Neil Dempster's pertinent biographical data (e.g., education, work experience, etc.).

Digital Brochure (PDF)


Neil Dempster's printable digital brochure. This 4-page file contains his biography, a list of his most popular keynote speeches (with descriptions), and a partial client list. Perfect if you need to bring Neil's materials to a meeting or send information to a colleague.

Testimonial Letters We've Received (PDF)


A selection of testimonial letters Neil Dempster has received over the years. Notice the wide range of industries and the diversity of the audiences represented (and the consistency of the feedback!).

Industry Jargon and Definitions


The meetings industry is full of acronyms and industry 'lingo'. Whether you are relatively new or a seasoned veteran, it's hard to keep up! Here is a comprehensive list to help translate the jargon into plain English.

Once You've Selected Neil Dempster (Pre-Speech Resources)

Congratulations ... you've made an excellent choice in selecting Neil Dempster as the speaker for your conference or meeting. He will educate, entertain and inspire your audience ... and make YOU look good for hiring him!


Over the years, we have been delighted to work with many meeting planners—some were seasoned veterans while others were planning their first meeting. The information below is a compilation of the items we are most frequently asked for. If you don't find what you need, please contact us and we will be happy to accommodate your request.

Neil's Audio/Visual Preferences


An ineffective audio/visual setup can sabotage the best speech. Here are Neil's suggestions to heighten the listening and viewing pleasure of your audience.

Neil's Introduction


A proper introduction is very important. It establishes credibility and sets a positive upbeat tone for the meeting. We have included geographically-specific versions of Neil's introduction for you to choose from.

Promotional 'Blurbs'


To help create positive anticipation for Neil's speech, here are sample promotional statements.


(Don't forget to ask us about a short, high-energy promo video 'invitation' that we can produce for you.)

Neil's Biography (for Publicity Purposes)


We have provided Neil's biography in four different lengths to accommodate all your publicity needs. (Note: This is not intented to be used as Neil's introduction.)

Neil Dempster's Photo Gallery


We provide high resolution photographs for print applications as well as low resolution web-ready photographs for web site and email use.

Recording Neil's Speech


To eliminate any concerns you may have about intellectual property rights and copyright violations, here are the parameters whereby Neil can be recorded.

Increasing Audience Return on Investment (ROI)


There are several ways to ensure that audience members receive the maximum benefit from attending a conference or meeting. Here are several proven methods to increase learning retention and application.

After the Applause Subsides (Post-Speech Resources)

Well, your hard work has paid off and the event was a great success! In the immortal words of the Jackson Browne band in their song, Stay, "Now the seats are all empty; let the roadies take the stage; pack it up and tear it down; they're the first to come and the last to leave..." Hmm ... the first to come and the last to leave ... sound familiar?


Although many audience members have no idea how much "sweat equity" takes place behind the scenes to pull off a successful conference or meeting, you should be proud of your accomplishment. Now is the time to capitalize on the momentum! The information below has helped many meeting planners increase attendee ROI and improve retention and application of the key learnings. Please let us know if we can help further.

LEARNlinks® Learning Application Worksheet


Our LEARNlinks® worksheet is used by thousands of people to increase learning retention and to maximize application opportunities from a learning event. This royalty-free worksheet can be used as long as the copyright information is retained on copies made.

Cited References from Neil Dempster's Speeches


Neil Dempster occasionally cites statistics and/or research studies during his keynote speeches and training programs. Here are the references to back up his data.

How to Write an Effective Testimonial Letter


Planning on sending a "thank you" or testimonial letter to a speaker who did a great job for you? Here are a few tips to make it easy and save you some time.

Our Clients Rave ...