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Neil Dempster Live! (well ... almost)

Neil Dempster will wow your audience!Ladies and gentlemen—fasten your seatbelts! You are about to review professional keynote speaker, master motivator and RESULTant™ Neil Dempster in action. As you will see ...


  • He is controversial—he believes people don't learn in their comfort zones!
  • He breaks the rules! (If he was the SAME as everyone ELSE ... that's all you would get!)
  • He loves to open minds—and audiences love his wit and wisdom!
  • His energy instantly engages people—and they enjoy the journey!
  • He delivers—guaranteed!


Neil Dempster Short Segments . . .

During this short video you will see segments that demonstrate Neil's energy, humor, style and ability to engage audiences. You will know immediately whether Neil is the perfect choice for your audience!



On stage with Neil Dempster . . .

During this video you will see segments from five different keynote speeches delivered to small and large audiences (90 to 1,100 people). The first three minutes are comprised of shorter clips to demonstrate how Neil engages audiences. The remaining time is made up of longer segments to illustrate how he customizes his delivery and material to suit the audience size and demographic.


Caution! This video contains material known to cause people to suddenly become inspired to greatness. Viewer discretion is advised!




Now that you have viewed Neil's video, you can see why audiences love his energy, his humor, and his provocative, "Don't do what's safe—do what's right" presenting style. Select the appropriate link if you would like more information on his keynote presentations or his training programs.


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