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Why Choose Neil Dempster as Your Keynote Speaker?

Neil Dempster will wow your audience!If you have a need for a high-impact, content-rich and motivational keynote speaker . . . Neil Dempster is the speaker to call! There are at least four (and 1/2) reasons why he would be perfect for your upcoming event:

Reason #1

His IMPACT on audiences! Audiences everywhere love Neil's energy and humor, they love his anecdotes and stories—but what they value most is that his message is immediately implementable. Whether he is speaking to senior executives about leadership and strategic vision, managers and supervisors about high performance strategies, front-line employees about efficiency and continuous improvement, or general audiences about striving for greatness, he always provides the inspiration—and the tools—to help people achieve extraordinary results!


There must be a reason why more than 80 percent of the groups who hire him use his services again and/or refer him to other groups! Why not find out for yourself?

Reason #2

His EXPERIENCE! Neil speaks from a lifetime of experiences in the trenches and from within the corporate boardroom. He’s been a multi-year, top 1% sales producer for a Fortune 100 company, a senior manager in several organizations, and, today, as one of the founding partners of Clearview Performance Systems, he is able to use his expertise in achieving extraordinary employee performance to benefit diverse organizations all over the world. As a self-proclaimed Business Alchemist, his keynote speeches have been the highlight of association meetings, conferences and company functions. Neil's energetic, humorous and highly motivational delivery style consistently inspires audiences to explore all the possibilities of personal and professional growth.


Neil is the author of several comprehensive training programs that have been delivered to tens of thousands of managers, leaders and employees in diverse organizations. Among his many achievements, Neil is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the highest earned designation from the National Speakers Association.

Reason #3

His EDUCATION! Neil's formal education is strategically aligned with what is required to enhance human performance within diverse workplace settings. He has a background in Mechanical Engineering, so he understands the systems and process components of performance; he has an MBA, so he understands the business imperatives that create sustainable growth; he also holds a PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, with a special emphasis on quantitative and qualitative measures, so he understands the ‘people’ side of the performance equation.


As a consultant, keynote speaker, and trainer to many Fortune 500 companies, his clients have come to trust and count on his uncanny ability to simplify the complex human behavioral aspects of life and work.

Reason #4

His RESILIENCE when facing adversity! In more than 15 years as a professional speaker and trainer, he has never missed—or even been late for—a speaking engagement or training event. At the point normal people are giving up, he is just getting rolling! For example, he recently ran into a business traveler's nightmare when the last connecting flight of the day was cancelled due to a mechanical problem—catching the next flight meant he would not arrive in time for his speech. Undaunted, he rented a car and drove for nine hours so he would be in front of the audience at the appointed time.


He has the tenacity of a pit bull when it comes to keeping his commitments! You will not have to worry about Neil being in place and ready when your event begins.

Reason #4½ . . . he was born to speak!

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