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Clearview® Performance Systems brings you ... ... a Culture of Results & Engagement™

We are the intersection of Culture, Competencies and Commitment.

We're energized by complex human performance business problems and uniquely equipped to lead your organization through any type of transformation (iterative or disruptive). We offer solutions that can be delivered as quickly as one day to long-term strategic inititives that secure your future.

Our CORE (Culture of Results & Engagement)™ Performance Culture Architecture is a proven framework to drive sustainable growth. This comprehensive process addresses each of the variables that impact the mindsets and behaviors of the employees within your organization—the primary elements that make the difference between mediocre and extraordinary performance. Please see the Emphasis Clusters (below) for additional information.

Clearview. We make your organization FUTURE-READY.

Solutions for Improving Performance

Employee Engagement

Performance Management

Coaching/Tuning Systems

Performance Calibration

Performance Standards Consulting


Solutions for Individual/Team Assessment

Psychometric Assessment/Testing Services

Assessment Interpretation Consulting Services

Validation/Reliability Studies


Custom Events/Interventions

High-Stakes Outcome-Based Facilitation

High-Impact Keynote Presentations

Accountability-Focused Team Building

Inspirational All-Employee Meetings

Solutions for Strategic Planning/Execution

Embedding Mission/Vision/Purpose (MVP)

Culture Alignment and Fortification

Strategic Mindset Development (for Leaders)

Transformational Change


Solutions for Talent Optimization

Succession Management

HiPo/Talent Retention

Optimal-Fit™ Interviewing


Solutions for Talent Growth & Development

1:1 Executive Coaching/Consulting

Leadership Development

Front-Line/Middle Management Development

Level 3/Level 4 Learning Outcomes


We bring clarity to the human performance aspects of the contemporary workplace. Our team of experts in organizational culture/performance have worked with hundreds of organizations helping individuals, teams, and entire divisions achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Clearview. We don't treat symptoms ... we solve problems!

So ... if you’re looking for a consulting firm or training house that will give you mass-produced products and standardized ‘shrink-wrapped’ one‑size‑fits‑all services, there are lots to choose from ...

But ...

... if you’re looking for an organization that has the right ingredients (capability and capacity) to take you into the future; the depth and breadth to help you achieve sustainable growth; you'll need an organization with client-centric values and a proven performance track record.

Welcome to an ARTISAN Experience!
Welcome to Clearview.

We believe in the power of synergistic relationships ... relationships based on delivering powerful (and practical) solutions that create high-value sustainable growth for our clients. Listed below are a few of the organizations we're proud to have served over the previous two decades (or so):

Clearview. Small enough to CARE ... big enough to DELIVER.

Higher Performance. Delivered.

Strategies you can trust. Solutions you can count on.

Clearview Performance Systems