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Neil Dempster's Recording Policy (audio or video)

Neil Dempster will wow your audience!One of the more complex areas of the law is the field of intellectual property rights pertaining to the recording and distribution/sale of a professional speaker's presentation. Questions abound as a result:


  • Do I need the speaker's consent to produce an audio CD or MP3 of the presentation?
  • What about a video DVD?
  • Can I provide copies to the attendees?
  • Can I sell the recording to members of our association, other interested parties, or on our web site?


At the risk of over-simplification, the law boils down to this—recording a speaker without his or her consent is illegal (in addition to being unethical).


With that being said, let us first say that we are honored that you would like to record Neil Dempster's presentation. To eliminate any concerns you may have about copyright violations, here are the parameters whereby Neil can be recorded:


Taping for Promotional Purposes

You may audio tape and/or video tape Neil Dempster's presentation for promotional purposes. You are authorized to use up to a total of ten (10) minutes of audio track and/or video footage for inclusion in various promotions your organization may produce. Any number of segments from any part of the recorded presentation may be used within the ten-minute limitation. Click here for the Promotional Consent Agreement (PDF).


Fee Arrangement: No Fee


Taping for Archival Purposes

You may audio tape and/or video tape Neil Dempster's presentation for archival purposes. Copies are not to be distributed to members, employees, or the general public under any circumstance. A small number of copies can be made available by the organization's lending library to benefit its members and/or employees. Click here for the Archival Consent Agreement (PDF).


Fee Arrangement: No Fee


Taping for Distribution and/or Sale to Association Members and/or Employees

You may audio tape and/or video tape Neil Dempster's presentation for distribution and/or sale to members and/or employees of your organization only. No sales to the general public are permitted under any circumstance. Click here for the Distribution Consent Agreement (PDF).


Fee Arrangement: 1/2 Normal Speaking Fee



Note: All agreements must be received prior to the actual date of the event being recorded. To maintain high quality standards, all recordings must be produced and duplicated professionally. Labels must clearly show the name of your organization, Neil Dempster as the speaker, the title of Neil's presentation, and the copyright notice, " Clearview Performance Systems, Inc., reproduced by permission." We require a copy of the raw, unedited video—because of the large file sizes, we will ship a hard drive to the video representative for file transfer.


Suggestions: When recording, place microphones in the audience to pick up audience responses.

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