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Solutions for Talent Optimization

A Compelling Business Case ...

To ensure sustainable growth, an organization's talent optimization efforts need to be directly aligned with short-term tactical planning (the here and now) as well as with longer-term strategic goals and initiatives.

Advancements in technology, changing market conditions and consumer expectations, and shifting workforce demographics (among others) are forcing organizations to reevaluate current and future workforce needs to determine where talent optimization gaps exist. Talent Optimization is a discipline; it's an organization’s commitment to the critical practices that deliver the Right People in the Right Roles with the Right Skills at the Right Time!

Why Our Solutions Get Results ...

Simply having a talent acquisition and talent development plan isn’t enough. Organizations must be strategic and deliberate in how they source, attract, select, onboard, train, develop, retain, promote, and advance employees through the organization. This requires a comprehensive talent optimization strategy—and process—that delivers a robust/agile talent infrastructure to ensure your NOW ... while securing your FUTURE.

  • On a quantitative basis, our business-impact/demand-driver solutions evaluate talent supply by key job role after considering specialized KSA requirements and qualified candidate availability.
  • On a qualitative basis, we analyze current capability, capacity, and performance indices—as well as identify new and emerging occupations—to determine talent acquisition, identification and growth opportunities.


Talent Optimization

Emphasis Cluster contains 3 Practice/Service Areas:

Succession Alignment ...

Employee Engagement Image

In this talent-based economy, the workforce itself is arguably an organization’s most important—and most tangible—asset. And the key knowledge needed to run an organization exists at ALL levels, not just in leadership positions.

While it would make perfect sense for an organization to prioritize workforce planning and workforce optimization (WPO), and be mindful of the current and future workforce gaps that will limit execution of business strategy, these activities frequently don't receive the full attention they deserve.

Part of this paradoxical behavior can be attributed to a tendency managers have toward focusing on short-term goals and objectives. Under pressure to hit immediate performance targets, “discretionary” activities like succession planning often take a back-seat. This myopic view can blind managers to hazards that are approaching.

The solution to this blind spot is to embrace a mindset of succession!

Our Succession Alignment services include:

  • Comprehensive 7-Step Succession Alignment System (SA7™)
  • Succession Mapping and Candidate Nurturing/Development Tracking System (cloud-based)
  • Key Position and One-Ready-Now Evaluations
  • Succession Inclusion Analysis (HiPo Employee Identification)
  • Competency Gap Analysis and Acquisition Planning
  • Job-Specific and Domain-General Competency Identification
  • Breadth/Depth Learning (BDL)™ Systems

Are you ready to identify and address talent vulnerabilities to protect your future? Let's talk.

For a comprehensive review of our Succession Alignment 7-Step (SA7) resources click here.

Optimal-Fit™ Interviewing ...

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Your goal is to hire the best talent you possibly can. But what matters most when hiring a new employee for your company? Past experience? Current skills? Logical thought processes? Good team player? Ability to deal with ambiguity? Working well under pressure? Quick thinking?

Almost certainly you will have mixed criteria—and all are important. With that understood, why would you want to be constrained with one type of interview approach?

There are many interview strategies available but no single interview approach— on its own—can adequately deliver what you need to make good decisions. That's why a more comprehensive interview system is necessary to quickly discern both the job-specific and domain-general fit issues. This means your interview process needs to be sophisticated enough to identify KSA (Knowledge, Skill and Ability) qualifications, TTD (Trait, Temperament and Disposition) alignment, and BD (Behavioral Drivers) motivators.

Our Optimal-Fit™ Interviewing services include:

  • Comprehensive 6-Stage Optimal-Fit™ Interview Training (for all levels)
  • Optimal-Fit™ Assessment Testing
  • Optimal-Fit™ Coaching/Consulting

Would better interviewing help you get (and keep) the right talent? Let's talk.

For a comprehensive review of our Optimal-Fit Interviewing resources click here.

HiPo/Talent Retention ...

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Informed (and aware) leaders understand that their Key Employees are—in every practical sense—volunteers. Yes, they may receive a paycheck, but exceptional employees work for their organization of choice because they want to, not because they have to. This recognition has significant implications for anyone hoping to retain key talent.

While most organizations have invested heavily preparing for the war for talent, much of these efforts focus on recruiting capabilities and talent acquisition strategies. Paradoxically, the war for talent is not just on the front lines of acquisition; instead, it’s mostly in your own backyard—retaining your current key talent! This frequently-overlooked priority is more critical than ever.

We're guessing if you're in this area on our website, that your organization does a decent job in educating, training, and growing people. Congratulations. Unfortunately, the unintended consequence is you are now a target for those who need talent for their own organizations. The most valuable employees—those with unique skills and deep tacit knowledge—are the most urgent flight risk as competitors try to lure them away, or as these talented (and ambitious) individuals move to pursue new career development opportunities.

Many aspects of the key employee experience contribute to improved retention. Our HiPo/Talent Retention services include:

  • HiPo/Talent Retention Consulting
  • Key Employee Advisory Councils
  • Key Employee Engagement Propositions (KEEP)™ [Employee Value Proposition]

We have the know-how and experience to significantly improve your talent retention efforts. Let's talk.