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Solutions for Talent Growth & Development

A Compelling Business Case ...

Talent growth and development is specifically focused on how to create a continuous learning/continuous improvement culture. We provide the tools and structure—for all levels of an organization—to ensure purposeful and strategic learning opportunities exist that increase breadth/depth capacity and improve overall bench strength.

The goal of talent growth and development is to create a culture where people are engaged, have high work performance, and are consistently learning and growing.

Why Our Solutions Get Results ...

Many people mistakenly assume talent growth and development is only about training programs. While training programs are potentially a great way to help people develop a specific skill, most learning and growth doesn't come out of a classroom but, instead, from experience.

Our Competency Acquisition System enables people to acquire relevant Breadth Competencies (transferable) and Depth Competencies (job-specific) in a more personalized way.

The traditional 'Knowledge Transfer' approach is woefully inadequate. It's time for Knowledge Continuity!


Talent Growth & Development

Emphasis Cluster contains 5 Practice/Service Areas:

1:1 Executive Coaching/Consulting ...

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We create strategic awareness and sustainability within our clients both at the macro corporate level and at the micro individual level. Our customized and research-based organizational development tools and techniques serve to enhance performance that result in meaningful and sustainable outcomes for our clients. When clients tap into our solutions-based human performance expertise, they are guaranteed a plan and approach that will help ensure their strategies turn into actions and accountabilities.

Our 1:1 Executive Coaching/Consulting services include:

  • Short-Term Action Planning
  • Vision-to-Action Consulting
  • Longer-Range Strategic Planning
  • Breadth/Depth Learning (BDL) Strategies

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Leadership Development ...

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For organizations to grow and deliver value in today’s competitive, turbulent, change-demanding environment, having leaders who know how to best execute on the organization's strategic plan and get the most out of their teams is a key success factor. Organizations with great leadership skills significantly outperform their peers.

Effective leaders have the right mindset, leadership skills, and behaviors to make their company thrive. Naturally, the best way to engage leaders and develop them for success is through targeted leadership training coupled with strategic Breadth/Depth Learning tailored to the organization’s specific context and industry.

Our Leadership Development services include:

  • 'Becoming a Leader' Introduction for Emerging Leaders
  • Leadership Development for New Leaders
  • 'Becoming a Strategic Leader' for Existing Leaders
  • Leadership Fine-Tuning (Grooming for the Executive Suite)

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Front-Line/Middle Management Development ...

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[If you're looking for the People Management Essentials (PME) Resources Portal, click here.]

Management development is the systematic process of creating effective managers. The best approach is simultaneously rigorous, academic and practical. An organization's approach to management development should include a foundational roadmap that each manager should operate from and then—specific to the unique needs of every manager and his or her work environment—apply a variety of learning techniques to build on the manager's existing KSAs.

Managers need to be proficient in a number of key areas, including: setting expectations, recognizing individual behavioral differences, verbal and nonverbal communication, reinforcement, managing performance, and conflict management. Management development focuses on enabling managers from any level to become more effective managers and to advance within organizations.

Our Front-Line/Middle Management Development services include:

  • People Management Essentials™
  • CORE MAP (Management Action Plan)™
  • Calibration Clinics™
  • Tuning for Perfect Pitch™ Continuous Learning Feedback System

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Level 3/Level 4 Learning Outcomes ...

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There is a certain appeal to becoming a “Learning Organization.” Who wouldn’t want to work for a organization that has created a culture of learning where learning is—quite literally—every minute of every day and where mistakes are seen as opportunities to gain knowledge and skills?

The value proposition of becoming a Learning Organization extends beyond employees to shareholders and stakeholders as well. Learning Organizations produce better products with more innovation resulting from the organization’s openness to try new approaches, its agility and flexibility to embrace change and the 'new,' and its unrelenting focus on building the core capabilities of the individuals who work there.

Frequently, becoming a Learning Organization is more aspirational than current reality. Many organizations are constrained by tight deadlines, slim operating budgets and limited resources. These organizations often feel as though those realities limit their ability to become Learning Organizations. But, in spite of those obstacles, many organizations have truly become Learning Organizations because they've embraced the reality that a Learning Organization requires a different mindset around what we call “learning” and how we embrace success and failure (as learning opportunities).

Our Level 3/Level 4 Learning Outcomes services include:

  • Breadth/Depth Learning (BDL)™ Systems
  • LEARNlinks® Aligned Learning Technology

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Efficiency/Creativity/Innovation ...

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Efficiency/Creativity/Innovation services include:

  • MBDL (More | Better | Different | Less)™ and Max/Min™ Facilitation
  • IFEL Method™ Ideation (Invent First. Evaluate Last.)
  • Opportunity Thinking™ Consulting/Facilitation
  • Step It!™ Efficiency Identification
  • I2 (Incremental Improvement) Innovation Systems

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