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Solutions for Improving Performance

A Compelling Business Case ...

We’ve been invited into dozens of organizations to discuss how they might improve their people performance. Ironically, in most cases, we didn’t actually find that a performance problem existed ... what we found, instead, would be more accurately classified as an expectation problem.

Compounding this issue are performance management systems—frequently implemented in an attempt to improve performance levels—that managers and employees alike perceive as bureaucratic, complicated, and time-consuming. In the majority of cases, this well-intentioned HR process has become merely a ritual—a formality.

Why Our Solutions Get Results ...

We help progressive organizations move away from rigid, compliance-focused managerial practices and toward a more flexible, commitment-centric management system. Our Performance Improvement Solutions strategically reinforce the activities and behaviors that make the critical difference between mediocre and extraordinary performance.

The management solutions listed below are just that—"solutions"—because they include the breadth/depth structure, tools, templates, and ongoing support needed to deeply embed the language of performance into your organization's DNA.


Improving Performance

Emphasis Cluster contains 5 Practice/Service Areas:

Employee Engagement ...

Employee Engagement Image

When we're called in to help remedy an employee engagement issue, that request is typically predicated by less-than-stellar 'numbers' on the latest employee engagement survey. The first step we recommend is the 'observational litmus test' ... take a walk around your organization and observe your employees at work. Now, compare what you observed with the scores on the survey. In most cases, we find much more engagement actually exists than is reported on the survey.

So, does this mean we shouldn't be concerned about employee engagement? Of course not. We still have work to do.

Every client consulting project begins with an understanding that employee engagement is not a single data point derived from a survey. There are many more accurate engagement indices that are rarely—if ever—talked about and yet make all the difference in understanding true levels of engagement and what an organization can (and should) do to improve.

Our Employee Engagement services include:

  • Translating Engagement Scores into Precise Action Steps
  • Communication Strategies that Convey "We're Listening!" (and Acting)
  • Objective Focus Groups (with anonymity safeguards)
  • Employee Engagement Strategies that Get (almost) Immediate Results
  • Engagement Indices Mapping

Are you ready to embrace intrinsic-engagement and take your organization to a higher level? Let's talk.

Performance Management ...

Performance Management Image

While organizations consistently stress the need for managers and supervisors to "walk the talk," we find that many people in management don't yet have a well-defined TALK to WALK. Without the TALK—the 'language of performance'—it will be impossible for a high-performing culture of engagement to exist. Paradoxically, the language we're referring to is not just what's spoken; in fact, the words spoken make up only a small part of the performance equation. The real language of performance is communicated through behaviors.

To create a sustainable, high-performance culture, management teams need a cohesive, easy-to-follow approach to managing, leading and engaging their people. Welcome to the intersection of THEORY and PRACTICAL APPLICATION! If you're tired of training programs that sound good in theory—but have little relevance to the real world of work—then you'll find our approach very refreshing.

Our Performance Management services include:

  • Management Training (all levels)
  • Leadership Development
  • Solutions for Powerful Teamwork
  • Employee Accountability, Change, Continuous Learning, and Opportunity-Thinking

Ready to embrace proven methods and tools to engage employees and generate extraordinary results? Let's talk.

Coaching/Tuning Systems ...

Coaching/Tuning Image

The contemporary workplace is rich with learning opportunities—the tasks we do; the processes, technology, and equipment we use; every interaction with a peer, a customer, or a vendor is, quite literally, an opportunity to learn! In fact, whenever we ask employees to calculate the percentage of their knowledge and skill that didn't come from formal training, their answer is invariably “Most of it!”

While training will get a new employee started, and provide needed updates along the way, no one would argue that the majority of learning takes place on-the-job. But without a robust coaching methodology, much of that learning is left to chance (the Osmosis Syndrome™) or, worse, lost entirely. Unfortunately, "coaching" is frequently seen by employees as punitive, so we've created a "Tune-Up" approach that quickly engages employees through a commitment over compliance model.

Our Coaching/Tuning services include:

  • Tuning for Perfect Pitch™ Continuous Learning Feedback System
  • Coach-the-Coach Consultative Services

Would you like a coaching system that increases feedback receptivity AND makes learning fun (again)? Let's talk.

Performance Calibration ...

Performance Calibration Image

When we start working with a new client, we frequently find inside their organization that there are as many ways to manage and lead employees as there are managers. Some of these managers are too lax; others too heavy-handed. Some of these managers wait too long to act; others pounce at the slightest infraction. Not good.

Managers and supervisors often talk about “performance,” “productivity,” “results,” and “quality” (to name a few). But does everyone interpret these words the same way? Creating a common interpretation of quality or envisaging what good performance looks like isn't as easy as it would seem. Just as everyone's brain interprets colors differently, we often see performance differently too.

Just as test equipment needs to be calibrated to ensure accuracy, to 'calibrate' the various interpretations and reconcile disparate views, organizations need a method that leads to a unifying interpretation. Our calibration system makes certain that management teams operate from the same performance play-book (while honoring their style differences).

Our Performance Calibration services include:

  • Calibration Clinic™ System [self-sustaining once initiated]

Are you ready for a system that ensures managerial consistency? Let's talk.

Performance Standards Consulting ...

Performance Standards Image

Two realities inform our perspective on the typical Performance Standards we find out there:

1. If you're using a bell-curve 'average' to measure employee performance ... the best you'll ever get is AVERAGE.

2. Your TRUE performance standard (on a behavioral level) is the lowest level you're willing to accept.

While the Bell Curve and Power Law distribution models may be accurate on a statistical level, they do not provide the necessary performance differentials to allow the level of objectivity necessary when establishing merit-based performance standards. Within the two models, the majority of people (typically ≥ 80%) are in the 'middle.' This phenomenon, on its own, is not a problem—it's just straight math. The problem is the extreme dispersion (spread) of performance with many people performing below the statistical average. And that creates a significant challenge when trying to calculate merit-based performance standards.

Our Merit-Based Inclusion Algorithm™ works on the dispersion to tease out precise standards of performance. It's like comparing the average height of Americans (extreme dispersion) with the average height of professional basketball players (narrow dispersion). We are experts at achieving 'narrow dispersion' performance.

Our Performance Standards Consulting services include:

  • Statistical Analyses of Current Performance Metrics
  • Metrics Fine-Tuning (R-squared Analysis)

Are you ready to tighten up on your performance measures? Let's talk.