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We believe in the power of synergistic relationships—relationships based on delivering powerful (and practical) solutions that create high-value sustainable growth for our clients. Listed below are a few of the organizations we're proud to have served over the previous two decades (or so).

Clearview. Small enough to CARE … Big enough to DELIVER.

The Ouch!

While most progressive organizations have a succession process in place for the most senior executive level, the number of organizations with a succession process in place for middle management drops off sharply. Most concerning is the fact that below middle management less than
of organizations have any formal succession plan in place. The risk of disruption to operations, other customer-facing and/or customer-supporting job functions, internal and external relatonships, and safety makes this a high priority!

The Solution.

With over two decades of experience in all aspects of succession, we are the company that progressive organizations turn to to solve their succession needs. How about you? Would you like to be introduced to our succession solution?

The Benefit  toYOU.

SA7™ is a robust, organization-deep Talent Optimization system that encompasses all aspects of the succession process, including:

  • Key and EDR (Elevated Disruption Risk) position identification and time-to-one-ready-now backup planning and tracking
  • Objectivity-Optimized HiPo Succession Candidate Identification
  • Competency Gap Analyses Software
  • Succession Candidate BDL (Breadth/Depth Learning) Progress Tracking
  • Managerial Domain-Level Reports/Analysis
  • Executive Oversight Dashboard

SA7™ ensures managerial accountability to Talent Preparedness with purposeful and intentional competency acquisition in every part of the Succession Candidate Breadth/Depth Learning (BDL) plan.