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Why Choose a CLEARVIEW Facilitator for Your Meeting?

Neil Dempster will wow your audience!When a leadership or management team, functional work group, or executive team holds a corporate retreat or offsite business meeting, the cost of the meeting room, food, and other supplies is inconsequential compared to:


1) the investment of time away from the workplace, and

2) the lost opportunity costs if the team walks out at the end of the meeting with unresolved issues or without a specific plan of action and the tools and strategies to implement it.


We can't help you with #1, however, we are experts in #2 (pun intended because we do stir it up a bit!).


We have helped hundreds of teams bridge the gap between organizational objectives (the desired state) and existing performance levels (the current state). When Neil Dempster is facilitating, there won't be any 'good intentions' that never transpire—he will link every activity to YOUR business realities.


Looking for a great facilitator for your next important meeting? Neil Dempster can help make your next executive retreat, board retreat or strategic planning session a huge success! We look forward to earning your accolades!

Information about Clearview Performance Systems.

The biographies of the Clearview Performance Systems facilitators are presented below. Click on the name to read more about each facilitator's background.


Jessica Turvey, M.A.

Clearview Founder, Senior Researcher, Counselor, Executive Coach, Author and Chief Muse


Neil Dempster, PhD, MBA, CSP

Behavioral Engineer, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Author and RESULTant™ (a consultant who gets results!)


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