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When Should You Use a Professional Facilitator?

Neil Dempster will wow your audience!We all know that good-intentioned people working collaboratively can achieve amazing results. However, we are also aware that there are many situations that can derail a meeting.


Here are a few examples when a professional facilitator would greatly enhance the opportunity for breakthrough outcomes:


  • When the results of the meeting are critical to the success of the organization, and when there will be a variety of opinions as to the best direction to take.
  • When consensus is required but when you know there will be many strong personalities and/or views in the room.
  • When the meeting leader/sponsor has a strong bias toward a direction/approach but wants to be receptive to other possible alternatives.
  • When it is difficult to pinpoint the desired outcome of the meeting or when the process needed to reach the desired outcome is ambiguous or unclear.
  • When an executive group or team needs to get 'unstuck' and re-focus on key issues.
  • When the internal experience/expertise to facilitate and guide the team through the steps necessary to accomplish the desired objectives is lacking.
  • When it is desirable to utilize a neutral party to build trust, break down barriers and/or get full participation.
  • When the attendees need to feel they 'own' the solutions and/or action plan. (Remember, people don't resist their own ideas!)


We know the dynamics of group process and are skilled in using proven, interactive facilitation methodology to keep your group task-focused, encourage innovative thinking, keep all attendees involved, and build consensus. We will create and maintain a safe, open and supportive environment while listening and watching for nuance, content, non-verbal behaviors and any other feedback that impacts the group.


If you would like to realize breakthrough results for your next meeting or retreat, take a look at what we can do to help or contact us for additional information.

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