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Why Choose CLEARVIEW as Your Consulting Partner?

Neil Dempster will wow your audience!We have been helping organizations achieve peak performance for over two decades. Our consulting practice is based on a purpose-driven architecture that includes:


  • INSIGHT: We understand how work is organized and what causes people to perform at their best ... and worst.
  • COURAGE: Our proven track record gives us the confidence and conviction to say what needs to be said when working side-by-side with top management.
  • COMMITMENT: We are committed to helping your organization translate (transform) good intentions into a clear vision, and good habits into continuous performance improvement.


We create strategic awareness and sustainability within our clients both at the macro corporate level and at the micro individual level. Our customized and research-based organizational development tools and techniques serve to enhance performance that result in meaningful and sustainable outcomes for our clients. When clients tap into our solutions-based human performance expertise, they are guaranteed a plan and approach that will help ensure their strategies turn into actions and accountabilities.


Our consulting services span the entire Performance Culture Continuum (below) to align employee behaviors with your strategic imperatives. Each of our interventions are designed to address a specific component along the continuum. We provide SUSTAINABLE performance solutions!


Information about Clearview Performance Systems.

The biographies of the Clearview Performance Systems consulting team are presented below. Click on the name to read more about each consultants's background.


Jessica Turvey, M.A.

Clearview Founder, Senior Researcher, Counselor, Executive Coach, Author and Chief Muse


Neil Dempster, MBA, CSP (& PhD soon!)

Behavioral Engineer, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Author and RESULTant™ (a consultant who gets results!)


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