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Neil Dempster's Most Requested Topics & Titles

Neil Dempster will wow your audience!Why do meeting planners see Neil as an extremely versatile keynote speaker with the ability to connect with—and engage—any audience?


Because he is an acknowledged expert in ONE subject ...



Not when you consider his expertise is Higher Performance Thinking (HPT) and Workforce Performance! This expertise has universal appeal—regardless of industry, organization or job function—because in today's work environment people interact at more intense levels than ever before and the need for better results has never been greater.



The complexities of the workplace require that people simultaneously draw upon multiple competencies in every aspect of their work. As a result, a keynote speech should emulate that same principle. Neil Dempster is a master at seamlessly blending topic areas to ensure the audience receives the most value from his presentations.


Look over the list of possible topic areas to see which one(s) would be most important and pertinent to your intended audience. Feel free to select more than one topic (most conference organizers do) and Neil will ensure they are woven into his presentation.


Topics for Managers & Supervisors

  • Creating self-managers
  • Coaching versus coaxing
  • Employee engagement
  • Business excellence
  • Managing for performance
  • Motivating employees
  • Gaining authentic commitment
  • Performance improvement
  • Effective feedback and reinforcement models
  • Managing a small business/practice
  • Distance management
Neil Dempster will wow your audience!
Neil Dempster will wow your audience!

Leadership Topics

  • Behavioral leadership
  • Building a performance culture
  • Business excellence
  • Communicating vision
  • Creativity, innovation and risk taking
  • Customer loyalty
  • Effective communication
  • Mission, goal and strategy alignment
  • Succession planning and knowledge transfer
  • Trust, credibility, integrity and values

Creating/Enhancing Performance Cultures

  • Creating an EXTRAordinary sales culture
  • Building cultures of accountability
  • The DNA behind culture
  • Creating cultures of innovation and creativity
  • 10 dysfunctions that kill culture
  • Trust, respect and culture (Can they co-exist?)
  • Cultures of collaboration
Neil Dempster will wow your audience!

Teamwork Topics

  • Team performance
  • Team unity and direction
  • Effective communications
  • Shared responsibility
  • Independence versus Interdependence
  • How individual actions add or detract from teamwork
  • Collaborative success
  • Personal accountability to the team
  • Trust and loyalty
  • Capitalizing on style differences
Neil Dempster will wow your audience!
Neil Dempster will wow your audience!

Individual Contributor/Employee Topics

  • Becoming your personal best
  • Change resilience and adaptability
  • Attitude & accountability
  • Continuous learning/improvement
  • Performance and efficiency
  • Coaching cooperation (C²) & feedback receptivity
  • Quality
  • Creativity, innovation & risk-taking
  • Self-management
  • Teamwork

Safety Culture Topics

  • Understanding how to create a safety mindset (culture)
  • Why we need to move beyond BBS
  • Conversations that lead to buy-in
  • Near-miss/unsafe conditions reporting
  • Lessons-learned strategies
  • Overcoming 'procedural drift' issues
  • Using discipline as a tool not a weapon
  • Safety initiatives that don't compromise innovation
  • Future focused feedback techniques
  • Moving from compliance-driven safety to authentic commitment
Neil Dempster will wow your audience!

Additional Topics: Innovation and Risk-Taking

  • Understanding how failure is a necessary component of success
  • Eliminating risk-averse thinking
  • Effective risk/failure reinforcement strategies
  • Continuous learning systems that support a risk-embracing culture

Neil Dempster's presentations are tailored to address each of the areas responsible for creating and maintaining organizational effectiveness and a culture of peak performance. He has over 14 hours of proven material in his repertoire, so the presentation he designs for YOU will hit the mark—every time!


Each of the themed presentations listed below are 'audience-tested' and 'presentation-ready' and can be delivered without any further customization. However, most clients and meeting planners prefer that some customization be done to increase the relevance to the intended audience. Please review the customization process to better understand how we ensure each presentation is timely and germane to the audience.


Neil Dempster will wow your audience!Few (if any) businesses can survive without a strong focus on employee performance. While we can't dispute the merits of this organizational imperative, the reality is many current management practices run contrary to the basic laws of human behavior and create a culture of complacency and average performance—instead of a culture of commitment!


Question: "What is your true performance standard?"

Answer: "The lowest level you are willing to accept!"


The fact is, we typically don't find organizations have a PERFORMANCE problem, we find they have an EXPECTATION problem!™ (Sorry, but someone has to have the courage to deliver the bad news!)


Workforce Performance: 'Just Enough' . . . Just Ain't Good Enough!™


Let's face it—our budgets reflect it; the customers we serve (both internally and externally) expect it; and the continual improvement process demands it—do more with less! If you are tired of theory-only sessions, this energetic, humorous and content-rich presentation is guaranteed to provide your group with practical knowledge on creating a culture of peak performance and achieving greater results. Neil Dempster will have them laughing one minute and re-thinking their entire management approach the next! The content is based on a success formula he uses to generate phenomenal results in very diverse organizations worldwide.


This keynote presentation focuses mainly on the management practices that will create a culture of peak performance. The target audience for this presentation is:


  • Front-line managers and supervisors
  • Middle management
  • Performance coaches
  • Formal mentors
  • Human resource professionals
  • Training and development personnel
  • High potential employees (who are being groomed for management)
  • Anyone who influences employee performance

Neil Dempster will wow your audience!Real leadership is different than authority! Authority, rank and title may be bestowed upon an individual, but that may not reflect an actual ability to lead others. Here is the ultimate leadership test:


1. Identify people you would like to test for leadership capability.

2. Look behind them.

3. If no one's following... they're not leading!


When a Ship Misses the Harbor, It's Rarely the Harbor's Fault!®


During this high-energy, humorous and thought-provoking presentation, Neil Dempster will draw upon contemporary leadership concepts, research, and anecdotal examples to create a leadership model with the proven capacity to achieve greater results, overcome the challenges inherent in constant change, and fully engage a workforce.


Because this keynote presentation focuses on the nuances of leadership, it is not necessary that attendees be in management. As we all know, some of your best leaders may not be in a position of management, yet their informal leadership helps direct your culture. The target audience for this presentation is:


  • Your entire management team
  • Informal leaders
  • Emerging leaders
  • High-potential employees
  • Human resource professionals

This keynote presentation focuses on the individual, so the target audience would be anyone in a work environment who is being asked to do more with less, be resilient in the face of constant change, increase production without compromising quality, work better together on a team, be a continuous learner (mostly on-the-job), and still have a positive attitude!


Now, that would describe just about everyone, wouldn't it?


Grow with the Flow: Becoming a 'Quick-Change' Artist™


Our budgets reflect it; the customers we serve expect it; and the continual improvement process demands it—do more with less! But how do we make this happen when the landscape keeps changing, and when there are endless demands on our time? This fun and thought-provoking presentation is guaranteed to provide each audience member with practical, common-sense knowledge on achieving their goals by concentrating on the ingredients that have the most influence on success. Regardless of the position an individual holds within an organization, everyone needs to grow with the flow and become a quick-change artist to be successful in today's workplace!


Contrary to popular opinion, there is an 'I' in teamwork! (Yes, all those posters that claim otherwise are just plain wrong!)


We all know that high-performance teamwork results in improved products and services for customers and other stakeholders; we also know that teams are the proven way to accomplish an organization's strategic performance objectives. So why do so many teams flounder and fail to deliver consistent results? Frequently, it is the lack of individual commitment (the 'I' that should be in team!).


Before you can have effective self-directed TEAMS, you must have self-directed INDIVIDUALS!


Teimwork® . . . Spelled Wrong to Make Teams Right!™


In this interactive, fun and accountability-building presentation, Neil Dempster will provide a team framework that puts the 'I' back into teams (where it belongs!) and generates the individual commitment that make teams work! Teimwork® ... a better way for employees to work together!


This keynote presentation focuses mainly on the individual accountability aspects of high-performing teams. The target audience for this presentation is:


  • Team members (both physical or virtual)
  • Management personnel responsible for team-based accomplishments
  • Employees who need to work more collaboratively
  • Interdependent departments/business units
  • Training and development personnel
  • Human Resources representatives

Tomorrow's competitive battles will not be won by out-spending your competition—but by out-thinking them!


That means out-learning them . . . out-innovating them . . . out-FAILING them!


In a world where it frequently takes thousands of ideas to generate ONE solid new product or innovation, it is not enough to become risk-tolerant! We must embrace failure and understand that without failure we will never have success.


Nothing Succeeds like Failure!™


During this 'immediately-implementable' presentation, Neil Dempster will challenge many assumptions we currently hold about risk-taking that keep us from achieving the levels of success necessary to attain/maintain competitive advantage. You will discover why organizations like NASA use Neil's course correction and nothing succeeds like failure methods to help them innovate faster than the speed of change.


This keynote presentation focuses on creating the mindset necessary to embrace risk-taking. The target audience is:


  • Senior leadership
  • Middle/upper management
  • Innovation/research/project teams

When you are planning your meeting, the agenda may be set and the amount of time for the keynote speaker presentation may be fixed. However, clients and meeting planners often find that the actual time available to the keynote speaker may increase or decrease depending on many factors. Rest assured when you work with Neil Dempster that he has the ability to be flexible and can change on-the-fly—even up to the point when he takes the stage.


For your planning purposes, Neil's presentations are available in the following formats:


  • Keynote/General Session: 45 - 90 minutes
  • Conference Breakout/Workshop/Seminar: 2 - 3.5 hours


Neil Dempster will wow your audience! Neil Dempster will wow your audience! Neil Dempster will wow your audience! Neil Dempster will wow your audience!



Note: If you're looking for a more comprehensive program for your target audience (e.g., half-day, full-day or multi-day training), please look at our training programs for more information.


Although Neil Dempster has over 14 hours of proven, 'audience-tested' material and he can deliver a keynote without any modifications, he highly recommends following the customization process below to ensure that his presentation is timely, relevant and exactly what your audience needs to hear.


As part of his speech customization process, Neil typically interviews 4-5 people who are knowledge experts within your organization and/or industry. He conducts these telephone interviews approximately one month prior to your meeting to ensure his speech incorporates the most applicable material. All information gathered is used to identify the material Neil will incorporate into his presentation—specific references to names and/or 'sensitive' information will never be used in his presentation.



Neil Dempster will wow your audience! Neil Dempster will wow your audience!


Presentation Titles

In addition to the presentation customization, occasionally meeting planners ask for an alternate speech title to better align with a conference theme and/or to address a unique situation occurring in their organization or industry. Please let us know if that is something you would like for your conference/event. We will be happy to accommodate your request!


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